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Updates to the website inventory!

I know its been a little while since you have seen any updates. I have had some new animals posting, but they have gone to fast for me to really mention them. I am updating listings and pics and adding some new babies, subadults, and adults this weekend and this week! Keep your eyes out for all the new listings! I am also planning on some new pairings finally and will get so.e eggs out again. Now that I have a tub helper again I can start focusing on more than keeping everyone happy and healthy! Thanks for everyone's patience! Be sure to hit the Load More button to see the full scope of my inventory, which I do keep up to date. Take care and enjoy the Holiday! Thanks, Shawn

Oh and check out my New Tiktok account! I just started it and it is filled with cute and educational axolotl vids featuring all my babies, of course. It's NorthernAxolotls! Enjoy.

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