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My name is Shawn Hayes and I have been an exotic pet owner and breeder for most of my life.  I have a deep fascination for the unusual and first encountered Axolotls when I was in college at about age 19.  I had that first pair of Leucistics for many years and they were wonderful.  Our care and maintenance knowledge has grown quite a bit in the last 30 years since my first pets.  Now, all these years later, I have rediscovered my love for these quirky and charismatic animals.  I have one of the best environments in the US here in Alaska to keep them at the correct temps year round with little assistance, except some heat in the winter.  And baring the occasional Earthquake, we do pretty well.  With today's technology I can ship my babies anywhere in the USA they are legal to be kept and have them arrive the day after they are shipped. 

I have a wide variety of phenotypes and many unrelated blood lines available at any given time.  Check in the descriptions for parental information, genetic information, birthdays, etc.  I can often supply several unrelated babies who can grow up well together. I am usually available via chat, or on FaceBook @NorthernAxolotls or Instagram @Northern.Axolotls if you have any questions. I am also on Tiktok @NorthernAxolotls if you enjoy watching cute and sometimes educational videos. Follow me for more.

Axolotls are a labor of love for me, I work full time at it, from sunup to sundown and am a bit of an artist when time permits me.  I have a wonderful extended family that helps out and without them I wouldn't be able to manage things. Many thanks to them and  all our supporters as well.

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Me and my nibblings after we all cleaned tubs!

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