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Northern Axolotls takes great pride in guaranteeing live arrival for each and every animal we ship. We typically ship on Mondays with some mid week shipments for FedEx. Eggs and pellets go out as needed.  The axolotls need 2-5 days to fast prior to shipping for their safety.  We take great care in packing and shipping, utilizing FedEx  or USPS Priority air for safety and reliability, though FedEx is recommended.  We utilize insulated boxes, typically 1 inch thick insulation, and double bag all our animals and include at least 1 ice pack.  Below we will review our guarantee in detail, including nullification factors. 

DOA animals are extremely rare, but if it does occur you need to be familiar with our policy . Ignoring the terms of the guarantee is not an excuse, and will not render these rules void. If you do receive a DOA animal, you must take one photograph of the animal, and one photograph of the shipping label. E-mail or message both pictures to us within eight hours of arrival. 

Upon approval of your claim, you have a couple options. 

The first option is having us ship you a replacement animal, although shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer. If the replacement animal is DOA, we would then refund your purchase price (excluding the shipping costs) via PayPal or credit card, depending on your method of payment. Keep in mind, we are extremely reasonable people, so we will work with you,  as every situation is different. 

The second option in the case of a DOA animal is an immediate refund, less the shipping cost. 

We deeply value your satisfaction. 

Nullifying Factors
1.) If temperatures at the delivery zip code dip below 35F or above 95F, the live arrival guarantee and extended guarantee are both completely voided for all animals. Shipping live animals is a shared risk between the shipper and the customer--please research your local temperatures prior to ordering.
2.) If you, or an authorized representative are not present for a delivery attempt (usually in the morning), the live arrival guarantee is null and void. If it was agreed upon that the animal(s) would be held at the carrier's facility, the package(s) must be picked-up within eight hours of arrival at the said facility.
3.) If you inadvertently give us a delivery address that is not valid, the live arrival guarantee is voided.
4.) If you do not contact us within eight hours of delivery or pick-up with DOA and shipping label photographs, the live arrival guarantee is voided.
5.) We are not responsible for carrier delays, but will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. DOA is only valid for FEDEX shipments.  USPS are determined on a case by case basis.

Store Policies: Store Policies


Shipping is handled with either Fedex or USPS.  I mainly use either 2 day or 3 day shipping, however overnight is also available.  When you are ordering your axolotl, it will be up to you to choose the correct shipping option you prefer depending on how many axolotls you are purchasing.  Typically one or two babies can fit well into a small Fedex box.  This is always the preferred and safest method.  I have made Priority available for you and I have had good luck with this as well.  One or two babies shipped this way only costs $25, but will typically be in the air for at least 3 days. Keep that in mind when you are purchasing.  I have options for multiple axies to save on shipping costs as well.  I always like to get the most out of my orders.  If you don't see an option you feel works for you, let me know and we can discuss it.  Email or PM on my Facebook page is preferred.

Axolotls can only be shipped within the Legal US states, excluding CA, ME, NJ, and DC. Any orders from illegal states will be cancelled. Certain states require an import permit before I can ship, and I will request that prior to shipping your purchase, such as HI, NM, & PR.

Only pellets can be shipped internationally, though it is cost prohibitive.  If you try to purchase axolotls and ship them internationally, your purchase will be cancelled. 

Thanks, Shawn

Store Policies: Shipping Policy
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