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Picasso Babies finally available! Plus new Axanthics!

I am releasing my Picasso batch in time for the last week of the Yule sale! The Gold and Mel Albino's will be eligible for the Discount code of the 50% off! We have all watched these gorgeous babies grow up and get prettier and prettier and they have the longest gills of any set of hatchlings I have yet raised! I am looking forward to seeing the remarkable adults I hope they will make. These are the babies of my Gold, Lace, and my Mosaic, Picasso.

I also am adding to the website a select few axanthics that are nieces and nephews to the holdbacks I have also released. These are beauties, so if you don't want to spend the money on one of the adults, you can pick up one of these babies instead. A reminder that the discount code of Yule50 is good for both the adults and the babies until December 6th. Help me clear out the shelves for the next couple of broods we have growing up behind these! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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