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New Babies available!

I have finally added the two clutches from this summer, Rose and Alexander's babies as well as Feather and Sunshine's Solstice clutch! They are all gorgeous and eating well, mostly on blackworms, European nightcrawler bits, pellet crumbles, and bloodworms. I am offering a discount on the new golds to kick them off and am putting the older wild babies up for sale to clear them out. These guys are just on the verge of gendering, and so I would like to find them permanent homes as soon as possible. I do have a habit of keeping them far too long...but I love them so. My nieces would like my bins empty so they don't have as many to clean! When you are buying the older wilds, if you are partial to a boy or a girl, I can send one that looks like it is heading that way if you make a note of it, no guarantees though.

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Kimberly Otwell
Kimberly Otwell
08 oct 2019

So beautiful!

Me gusta
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