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Individual Holdbacks and subadults available

I have finally posted my holdbacks and some subadults from my vast collections! (What is a herd of axolotls called?) I have had a difficult time picking favorites and allowing some to go out into the world. They are a year old now and time to for them to swim forth and find homes of their own! All it takes is your help. They are up on the Available screen for you to find and love them as much as I have. If you find a couple that you adore, let me know and we can work out the shipping and a perhaps even a discount. As always, if you are in the military, or education fields, there are discounts available to you, send me a note, either here or via FB or Instagram. If you have difficulties seeing them all, remember to hit the "load more" button and more will poor copper beauties have been regulated to the bottom of the list!!! Don't miss those either! There are even some babies on sale, including the gorgeous GFP Albinos. I was admiring all the White albinos this morning because they are so cute! Ok, have fun peeking at my babies. The pics are from Sunday and of each individual animal.

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