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Holiday coupon gift! 50% off

Holidays are always an interesting time of year filled with great emotions! For us, we often fear more when the holiday postal traffic hits that the precious live cargo will get lost among the extra gifts and letters that are sent this time of year. For this reason we will be holding off all shipping from mid December until after New Year's. So, if you are wanting an axolotl in December, you will need to plan accordingly. We are going to help make it a little easier for you by gifting you with a coupon to use on the website until December 6th. It will give you 50% off any and all Axolotl orders! These must be for shipments going out on or before the 9th. We want the babies in new homes for the holidays and off our shelves! We also have to make room for other fast growing babies! The code is Yule50! It only applies to the Axolotls themselves, not supplies or shipping costs, but if you have been eyeing them recently, now is the time! Also, don't forget to hit load more to see all the babies available! They are all gorgeous! The code again is Yule50! I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.

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