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Free Sticker Exchange! With a Giveaway 😍😍😍

I have been promoting an axolotl sticker exchange on my media pages for a while, but realized I should let everyone here know! Especially now! I have decided to do a Free Prize Giveaway to get the ball rolling with the exchange fun. I am putting together a gift box with all kinds of interesting axolotl stuff I have been collecting up for just such an occasion. Hand towels, a deck of cards, key chains, bracelet, stuffies, cookie cutters, stickers, and more will all be in the Giveaway box.

To participate in the Axolotl Sticker exchange, just send me one or more axolotl stickers with a note to the address on my website. I will then turn around and also send you some cool stickers back in trade so make sure I have a return address! I have been collecting stickers from other participants, etsy, and all over to use in trades. 🥰 You can follow along on Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook as well!

If you send in an exchange before 11/6/22 you will be automatically entered into the Giveaway pool! You can enter more than once, you can be from around the globe, but the letters must be postmarked by 11/6/22 and I have to get them by 11/12/22. I will then do the drawing on the 13th live on Tiktok! Until then I will continue to collect cool axolotl things for the prize package!

The sticker exchange is for a bit of friendly fun, and the prize is a bit of extra on top. We all need a bit of positivity these days! I hope to hear from everyone, best of luck to those who enter the giveaway! ❤❤

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1 Comment

Kelly Eickemeyer
Kelly Eickemeyer
Nov 04, 2022

Hi Shawn We just sent in 4 entries today!!!!

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