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I'm very excited to be breeding again! I have some eggs available on line for a limited time period these are from my high iridisphore gold, Butter, and a beautiful GFP wild boy, I raised, named Kelpy. Kelpy came from a batch of eggs many of you may remember from 2018 that Oliver Perry bred from his copper and mosaic pairing. This clutch was spectacular, with high iridisphores, long gills, dark blue lucies (almost pieds!) And lots of GFP. The clutch had lucies, albinos, golds, and wilds, all het at least copper but maybe more. I am interested in seeing what Butter and Kelpy produce! It has already been an overwhelming success with her laying 848 eggs! I have them in sets of 25 and am mostly looking for high color golds myself with a scattering of other phenotypes for good measure. We shall see what happens. Shipping starts 2/12/20 and will continue while its safe for them. Very limited time!

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