Mel Female adult  S&O

Mel Female adult S&O

This pretty gal is about a 9ish  inch Mel adult, hatched 10/20/19. She has been looking female for months, but it now mature enough to breed and eggy to boot. She is from my Spice and Orion clutch and is one of my holdbacks that I am reluctantly letting go.  Spice was a deep red copper and Orion is an Axanthic Mel, making this cutie het copper, and axanthic for sure, with the possibility of white and albino. She certainly comes with a full deck of genetic possibilities as well as a chunky build and cute little gills. She is a cutie pie and I named her Bliss. If she doesn't sell soon I am keeping her to breed. Its for the actual one pictured and she will need time to fast, but can go in a standard fedex shipping box.