Copper Axanthic Pot Female Yr olds,  P&T

Copper Axanthic Pot Female Yr olds, P&T


This gorgeous, fluffy gilled sweetie hatched on 5/20/20. It is a copper axanthic and has a pinkish/purpleish tone to her.  She is still just coming up to a year and not yet considered fully gendered as a female and won't be until she either is fully mature (18 months) or starts putting on eggs. It is a little darker than the pictures show in my opinion and both parents were coppers. Mom, Penny, was a light reddish toned copper het axanthic, dark, and mel. Dad was Thor, a GFP copper het axanthic. This cutie may carry mel hets as well. I only have this one available she will go quickly. She is about 7 inches and still growing.