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9" Blackgilled GFP Lucy Female - P&D

9" Blackgilled GFP Lucy Female - P&D


This is a very dark gilled GFP lucy female.  She is chunky, has cute dark gills, and she is covered in the little speckling, often called "frostbiting" on her skin. She is used to living with tankmates and is quite friendly and sweet tempered. She has never been bred but has the potential for Axanthic, mel, and albino hets, and less likely are copper hets. She is a mature 3 and a half years old.

Dad is Patina a deeply marked speckled lucy het albino and axanthic from The Axolotl Factory lines, and mom, Dapple, is a dark gilled dirty lucy from my Oliver Perry lines, het copper and albino with the possibility of mel. These hets could have passed down, but no guarantees.

Hatched 12/15/20

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