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8 " Wild Female - D&M

8 " Wild Female - D&M


8 " Wild female with smaller gills and one odd one. She is a sweet little thing who hung around because she had an odd gill, but it is time for her to find her place in the world. She has been super healthy, has copper, mel, and axanthic hets for sure and is sweet tempered. Grey like an axanthic, but is a wild.

Mom, Doe, GFP copper mel, parents: Aria, axanthic, het mel and copper from Merrimen's Axolotls lines. (Aria's parents; Copper axanthic mom, het for mel and has 2 mosiac siblings, dad is a gfp axanthic het copper. )

Dad, Merlin, axanthic het copper and mel, 2nd generation axanthic from Strohl's Herptiles. (Both parents were axanthic)

Hatched 11/23/21

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