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8" Blackgilled Mel Lucy Female - T&R

8" Blackgilled Mel Lucy Female - T&R


This sweet little blackgilled Mel Lucy hatched 9/22/21. She is 8ish inches and cute as can be, used to living with her sister's who are the same size as her. Sweet tempered. Het copper.

Mom is Tulip, a light copper axanthic. Her mom, Aria, axanthic, het mel and copper from Merrimen's Axolotls lines. (Aria's parents; Copper axanthic mom, het for mel and has 2 mosiac siblings, dad is a gfp axanthic het copper. ) Tulip's dad, Torin, axanthic, het mel, white, and copper from Logan Kimball lines. (His parents Mom Axanthic het Copper, albino. Dad Copper Axanthic from Strohls lines.)

Dad is Ripple, a high iridophore White Albino het copper and mel. He is from my Oliver Perry lines, parents were a copper and a mosaic.

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