4-5 inch  GFP Mel baby - T&M

4-5 inch GFP Mel baby - T&M


4-5 inch GFP Melenoid babies, hatched 7/5/21. Fluffy long gills and spotty. GFP is the green florescent protein that allows them to glow under blue lught and gives them green eyes.

GFP/gfp m/m D/d A/a C/x AX/x (x is for unknown) GFP mels het white and albino

Mom, Thorn: black gilled dirty lucy het copper, mel and possibly axanthic. She is from my Alexander,copper, and Rose, black gilled Lucy, pairing and related to my Lina Coppers.

Dad, Mango: a GFP Mel Albino who has a Strohl parent who was a GFP axanthic albino supposedly.

These mels are gorgeous and eating Blackworms, pieces of European nightcrawlers and pellets.