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4-5" Hypo Axanthic Albino juvenile axolotl - A&Z

4-5" Hypo Axanthic Albino juvenile axolotl - A&Z


These gorgeous Hypo axanthic albino babies are het copper for sure and could have inherited mel as well. As a matter of fact, some could be hidden coppers and/or mels, but that won't be confirmed until/if they are bred.  It is really hard to ID other homozygous genetics in an Axanthic albino unless it can be verified. I can only verify the Hypo, Axanthic, and Albino. Hatched 2/8/24.

Hypo is still a fairly new phenotype, only surfacing widely in the community a few years ago. I likely began as a mutation generations ago and took years to become saturated enough in the population to start showing up. It was not originally recognized as anything but very light animals until it began producing incredibly bright, rich, high yellow and sparkly coppers and wilds. Then the Hypomelanistic phenomenon really became known! Angleica was actually a hidden hypo from a clutch years before they were known as such.

Mother is Angleica, a Hypo Melanoid Albino het axanthic and Copper.

Her mom is "Spice", an all het copper from "Linas Lotls". Her mom, copper het mel and Dad light copper mel, het axanthic and lucy at least. Angleica's father is "Orion" is an axanthic het copper, Mel, albino who came from eggs bred by "Logan Kimball" and raised here, his mom is Niko, an axanthic het Mel and albino. His dad is a Copper axanthic het Mel from "Stohls herpatiles”. Both Spice and Orion have been proven for hypo as well.

Father is Zenitsu, a Hypomelanistic Copper het albino, mel, and axanthic from "Rainy Day Aquatics".

His father is "Galaxy" a Hypo produced by "Roofus Aquatics".

Zenitsu's mother is "Mahogany" a Melanoid Axanthic Copper (MAC) produced by "Luther's Lotls" (Matthew Luther). Mahogany's parents are a copper Mel het axanthic from “Aquarius Exotics and a high irradiphor copper het Mel and axanthic from “Kloudnine” (Jennifer Barton) produced by “Gillywater” from a copper and Mel.

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