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3-4" Axanthic,  I&A

3-4" Axanthic, I&A


Lovely spotty Axanthic het mel and could have inherited copper, fluffy gilled and growing well on a variety of other foods. Baby hatched 11/25/22.

Mom is Isle, a mel het Axanthic, copper confirmed possibly het white. Hatched 2/18/2021. Her mother is Toothless, a mel het Axanthic and white unknown origins. Her father is Makenzie, a MAC male produced here from Spice an all het copper from Lina's lotls and Orion an Axanthic het copper, mel, albino from Logan Kimball. Orion's mother is an Axanthic het mel possible het albino from unknown origins and Dad is copper axanthic het mel from Strohl's Herpatiles.

Dad is Altzybar, an Axanthic confirmed het copper hatched on March 20, 2018 he was produced by Merriman's Axolotl, mom is copper axanthic het mel with mosaic sibs and offspring. His dad was a GFP Axanthic het copper. His parents produced by Merriman's Axolotl.

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