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Why are some axolotls Pet Only?

Sometimes you will see the term Pet Only when someone is offering an axolotl for sale, or re-homing an axolotl they can no longer keep. Why would they offer it as a pet only, or even be concerned about what might happen to it in the future? What do they know about the animal that causes them concern and should it cause you concern if you are looking for a pet? Usually this is a reference to the fact that the animal is not a good breeding candidate. This can be from a number of reasons, genetic flaws that showed up in the batch it came from, genetic defects in growth or regeneration that it has shown, perhaps it was a product of an accidental sibling pairing. Sometimes, it is too small to be considered safe to be breed, or it has exhibited characteristics that wouldn't be beneficial to carry on to its offspring, or producing young might damage its health. Any of these conditions would make it unsuitable as a breeder, but would allow it to continue to be very suitable to be spoiled and pampered for the rest of its days as a pet. Pet only animals shouldn't scare you away from allowing them to be part of your lives. This doesn't mean they aren't at the peek of health and beauty themselves and couldn't be the pride of any tank, it just means they shouldn't be tasked with the duty of producing anymore babies of their own. Since most of use aren't looking to breed anyway, keep an eye on these gorgeous animals. Especially when you

want a companion animal for years to come.

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