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New inventory and 2 sets of eggs!

I just uploaded 2 Very different sets of eggs that I am excited to share! Both of these are quite different than the last set, though one is also albinos. I am trying to not hoard all the goodies and allow others to share the joy. I have some eggs from a high white gold/mel albino pairing that show a lot of promise. The dad was carefully picked out for his lineage of high white gold line. I also have some GFP copper mel/axanthic eggs you can read about in the description! It is rare that there is an opportunity to get 2 sets at once! I have also finally managed to upload all of Thorn and Mango babies, and they are already selling out, so check them out. I have plenty left! I am and will continue to put more subadults online as I have the time.

Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to follow my tiktok to see behind the scenes, so to speak. Watch babies grow up, and catch new pairings as they happen.

Have a great one everybody! Thanks, Shawn

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