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New Eggs!

I have posted my newest set of eggs and will be shipping soon. They have just beaned and were laid on the 20th through the 22nd by my new mom Platinum. She is a mel, het axanthic and copper and may be het for gold and albino. The dad is Marcus, one of my coppers, het axanthic and mel and who may also be het albino and gold. This is both their first clutch, however their siblings have produced multiple lovely clutches. Marcus is the last of his sibs I have bred. They are Penny, Spice, and Alexander. Platinum is the first of the girls in her clutch that I have let breed as they reached their maturity a month or so ago, but her brothers Orion and Torin have featured in past clutches to good showings. I have every confidence that these babies will follow in footsteps.

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