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New babies and shipping next week

I have posted a whole bunch of gorgeous new golds and some new wild babies onto the website last night! I will also be adding some new older juveniles and subadults as I let a few more out of my collection, so keep an eye out for those in the coming days/weeks.

I am anticipating some new eggs, probably next week as well, from my new mom, Platinum, a mel, het axanthic and copper, and hopefully albino and gold like her brother Orion. I am pairing her with my final copper sibling of my original set, Marcus, who is Penny, Spice, and Alexander's sibling. I am hopeful he carries all their hets as well, axanthic, mel, albino, and gold and we can have another good mix like their sibs Spice and Orion. We shall see.

Lastly, due to the Holiday next week, I will be shipping on Tuesday. So keep that in mind when ordering. I forgot about the holiday myself until someone reminded me! I will be sending tracking numbers and babies a day later than normal. Happy Memorial day!

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