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New adults added and info about introducing your new tankmate

I have posted a selection of adult males and females onto the website in a variety of phenotypes and prices, starting at $75 for an adoption fee. I will be continuing to add available animals as well as starting to add available new babies as the week progresses, so keep your eyes out if your looking for something special.

If you are introducing an adult animal to a new tank mate but it has grown up alone, this needs to be done very slowly and carefully. The only thing in it's environment that it has ever really seen move has been food up to now, and it will often react in an accidentally predetory way to a new companion. I suggest when introducing new animals to over feed before, during, and for quite a long period after introduction, as well as a slow introduction process by way of a temporary barrier. This will allow your current pet to get used to the sight and smell of having a companion without the danger of accidental nips. Most all of my animals have been with and grown up with other axolotls and are very friendly. This can make them more vulnerable to new companions who are unaccustomed.

As always, it is recommended to keep same gender animals together for long term health and happiness. While there are always stories about someone keeping their pair of axies together for years with no eggs or problems, there are 10 times as many with clutch after clutch after clutch laid and immune compromised girls who have just laid far to many eggs and given all they had until their poor systems just crash. Not something anyone wants to see, plus it is heck on a cycle!

Any questions, I am happy to help. You can reach me here, on FB, Instagram, and Tiktok has made it easier to chat finally. Take care! Shawn

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1 Comment

Oct 12, 2023

I want to adopt an adult male black gilled Mel Lucy pretty please 🙏🏼

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