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New Additions to the Family!

I am pleased to have received 2 new adult axolotls today into the Northern family. I am always nervous when I have babies in the air, coming or going and I had the good news that my shipments out made it safely, and the added bonus of being able to pick up a shipment this afternoon! Both of my new adults made it safe and sound, their water was even still clean! One is a good size, high iridisphore, copper named Cooper and the other is a petite copper axanthic named Nutmeg. I am always surprised when I get fully adult breeders other reputable sources that seem small to me. I tend to feed my axies very well and usually have good size, healthy animals as a result. Both of these will be equally spoiled and allowed to settle in and eat well to fatten up. Eventually they will probably be part of my breeding program, but it will be a while, at least for Nutmeg.

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