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Live site Today!

So, we finally managed it! A live website, all up and running and official like. I am sure there are kinks to be worked out and I am nervous about how the shopping carts and shipping will be, but still, it is there, in the digital world for everyone! I am super excited. It seems like things have been moving at such a swift pace, it has been hard to stop and remember to take it all in. It has sort of grown up around me, from a tank of axolotls and a couple of babies I raised, to what it is today. I am grateful they have flourished in my care and I love the complicated genetic lines and breeding that is going on. My main aim is to have healthy babies, secondarily, gorgeous and colorful, healthy babies. I will admit to being a bit of a hoarder of special babies and will have to loosen these tendencies somehow. I cannot keep them all. I will have to add a section for the individual animals I have available, vrs whole clutches. Its all a continual work in progress and I am happy to keep on growing. Thank you everyone for your support! Enjoy!

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