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Holiday shipping!

Hard to believe that the end of the year is really coming up so quickly! With winter in Alaska and holiday package traffic, shipping babies could get a bit more interesting. I will mostly be shipping with Fedex and will be shipping only when the weather permits. If the temps dip down below safe ranges, it could delay dates by a day or a week. I will also have a break in shipping during peak holiday season at the end of December. It looks like my last shipping day of the year for babies will be December 14th and only for Fedex. I will continue to ship pellet orders as they come in. I will resume shipping after the Holidays, as the weather permits. I can usually ship all year long, but I don't when the temps are in the 20's or below. Please let me know if this causes an issue. To help the Holidays get brighter, here is a discount code for the end of the year! "Yule2020" for 30% off current babies and juveniles!

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