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Eggs and end of the year shipping schedule

Hard to believe another year is nearing its end! As always, we are winding down our shipping due to holiday traffic and thus will be the last week to make purchases and get them this year. My last shipping day is scheduled for the 12th. After that, I will hold the purchases here until it is safe to ship again after the first of the year. You can still buy babies from the website if you fall in love, we will just delay the shipping until after the 1st.

I also just posted our final set of eggs! I didn't think I would get these beauties to pair up, but the cold snap did the trick just in time to share some with everyone else. These are some big lovely golds and will produce all albino varieties! See the description for the phenotypes expected, it should be a lovely clutch and I only have a limited number of sets available. They should be hatching as Christmas babies!

Take care everyone. Don't forget, my PO box is on my website if you want to participate in the sticker exchange, or I do love a holiday card or note. Actually, I just love hearing from everyone. Thanks and have a wonderful Holiday season! Shawn

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