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EGGS! 2 Special sets

I have a treat for any egg enthusiasts. I am bringing 2 sets to you again at the same time and both should be exceptional. One is a set of copper eggs from big, bold, healthy lines and the other is a set of glittery albinos with a history of mosaics on both sides. While that doesn't indicate a greater likelihood of future mosaics to some, it could to others, and I know I will be watching them closely. Mostly because I have been wanting to bring these two lines together for years because they are both so bright and glittery! Be sure to save the descriptions for your notes.

I am turning my attention after these go out to putting my collection of holdback adults and the babies online, so keep your eyes peeled for new stock. I also added a few sales!

Don't forget to hit the load more button to see everything!

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