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Arctic blast!

So, I was hoping to start shipping orders on Monday, but someone had other ideas! Alaska has had a spat of arctic temps like the old days! Of course, it was 50 on New Year's eve and then a blizzard hit us that night and drop kicked the temps into the freezing zone! I am sitting here in my house with frozen pipes and no heat to my upstairs zones until someone comes and thaws things out. We got down to minus 20 last night and have been at about minus 11 all day! Yikes! I am very thankful that the axies enjoy the cooler temps. I see a warm up expected in about a week, but I am not sure if it will be enough to ship yet. I am hopeful! Please let me know if you are also experiencing a cold snap so we can coordinate. I will act quick to get out all orders as soon as its safe to do so! Hopefully my heat will be restored before that! Thanks!

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