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Exotic Aquatic Critters and Info from the Far North

Many people ask, "What are axolotls?".  These are a fluffy gilled aquatic salamander species that originated from around the Lake that used to be Mexico City.  In their original habitat, they ruled for millennia, keeping to the cool fresh water bottoms and eating fish, bugs, and crustations as they found them.  They were commonly fished for and considered a delicacy by the local indiginous tribes due to their size.  This was before pollution, invasion of fish into their habitats, and land development reduced their lakes to a few dirty canals.  Now they are practically extinct in the wild.  Our captive bred populations can never return there, since they have been hybridized and bred for a couple of hundred years away from their wild cousins.  They no longer share the same genetic codes.  We have more color variety and they have adapted to being spoiled as pets.  Axolotls retain their neonate natures, usually, and stay in their aquatic state for their entire lives. This gives them their unique appearance and quirky smiling faces.  They make great pets and can achieve lengths of 10-14 inches as adults and live on average between 10-15 years.  Babies grow about an inch a month until they reach about a year old.  Boys and girls start differentiating themselves between 9-18 months.  They can be very personable and will often be trained to take food right from your hand.

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We ship our axolotls all over the USA, to any of the states where they are legal to own and keep.  We utilize the safest methods to ensure their arrival in the best conditions we can provide.  We do our best, packing them in insulated boxes to protect from both extremes of heat and cold, depending on the outside weather and use ice packs to keep their temps nice and cool, as needed during the warmer weather.   We love our animals and want to make sure to provide the best quality pets available.  To that ends, we make sure to breed the best we have, provide as much genetic information as is available, and send the healthiest animals. We have many genetic lines available and raise multiple unrelated clutches, so if you want siblings, or babies that are completely unrelated, we can usually help.


Occasionally we will have eggs available to allow you the opportunity to raise your own baby axolotls.  This is a time consuming endeavor, not to be taken lightly.  Hatchling axolotls are fragile, delicate babies that require live foods to be available for the first several weeks/months of their lives.  For the experienced keeper, however, it can be very rewarding to watch as your babies go from egg to full functioning adults. Add that to the mystery of what the genetics will hatch out and it is very interesting.  If we happen to be pairing a couple, we will have eggs available on a limited basis for purchase.  These get shipped after they have beaned and well before hatching.  After that, it is up to you.  Keep an eye out on our availability sections for pairings you may like to raise.

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I have premium quality soft sinking salmon pellets in both adult and baby sizes.  I recommend these as a supplemental food source.  I also have a variety of stickers to choose from.

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“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

Loren Eiseley

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Thank you for visiting our site! Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions, it is a work in progress.  I can mostly be found via email or PM me on my Facebook or Instagram pages, NorthernAxolotls and Northern.Axolotls. Links below.  I am also offering further education regarding Axolotls via Patreon so feel free to find me there as well. 

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